Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 10, 2011

May 10, 2011

Today was another typical day. However, today I had to leave without Adelay because she wasn't ready to leave, so I walked by myself to school. School went well. We learned about direct and indirect objects and replacing them with pronouns. I remember learning this in ninth grade, but I never understood it. But now I finally do! So that's good! 

For lunch, Ana made us a salad that had olives, potatoes, eggs, and corn in it. That's all. Then she put two heaping spoons of mayonnaise on top and tuna. Then she gave us a side salad and pork. I wasn't too hungry, which was good, because none of it tasted too great... But that's alright! 

Then, around four, we went to the park and did homework with our group! It has been so warm here! It's so nice to just be out in the sun and study!

After studying, we walked around the little market that they have near the park. The market is a bunch of little street vendors that sell scarves and jewelry and toys and stuff like that. So I made a few purchases there. 

We returned home and had dinner. I think Ana doesn't want us to miss American food because for dinner, she served us French fries and FOUR grilled hot dogs. Needless to say, I barely ate half of my dinner! It was funny though because she kept saying that Americans LOVE salchichas (hot dogs) so we just laughed and at some of our food ha ha. 

I want to leave a quick disclaimer for anyone who is reading this. I want to remember what kind of food I eat here, which is why I always mention what we ate for meals. Anyways... CIAO! 

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