Friday, May 13, 2011

May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

Today has been a pretty normal day as well. We had class this morning, which went pretty well. My first teacher told me that I am doing great and getting a lot better, so that's good! But my second teacher freaks me out and I feel like  I understand what she is taking about until she asks me a question! We had a long discussion today about the age at which you can drive, when you can smoke, and when you can drink. I had my drivers license with me and showed them that on your drivers license in Utah it says "Under 19 until..." and "Under 21 until..." and they were all stunned! Everyone in my class said it's all at 16 or 18 in their country. In Holland, a boy said that they can drink at 16 and drive at 18! Freaky!! 

After class, Adelay and I came home for lunch, which was pasta with a yummy red sauce, tortilla EspaƱola and some salad. Once again, it was so delicious, but I couldn't finish all of it! 

During siesta, or I guess the 45 minute gap we had today, I read a book in my room. 

At 3:30, we left to go down to the school. We met our group there and walked over to a park. We stayed at the park for a little over two hours doing homework. I am proud to say that I wrote my first composition in Spanish! It was only three paragraphs and I did have a little bit of help from my dictionary and my group, but I still did it! Liliana was very pleased with my work, so I'm so happy! 

At 7, we had our Servillanas (Flamenco) class at the school. Learning the steps is way cool, but the teacher was a little strange and I was sooooo tired! But we learned all 4 movements and did them all together. Multiple times. 

We came home and had a little bit of time to relax before dinner. We had dinner at 9:30, which is actually quite typical. It was left over olive and potato salad from yesterday (luckily with less mayo and no tuna) and pizza! It was very good! 

I forgot to mention that yesterday, Ana did our laundry for us. Her washer is just in a cupboard in the kitchen, and there is no washer. So she just has clothes lines out the kitchen window that she hangs all of the clothes on to dry. It seems like that's how everyone dries their clothes here. The clothes are definitely not as soft, but they are clean! 

Well I gotta get to bed! Buenas noches! 

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