Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 29, 2011

April 29, 2011

So it's eleven o clock at night and truth be told, I'm a little lonely. I have no idea where my roommate is so that has me a little nervous because our hotel is like cardboard! I'm sure I will be safe, though. I just have to keep myself awake until she gets here because she doesn't have a key. Anyway, I ate dinner at a little restaurant tonight with Jille, Alan, Brad, Brianna, and Kristin. I ordered tortellini and it was very good! Then, Jille, Alan, and I went to the market to look around. Then we came back to the hotel. Adelaly, who will be roommate in Salamanca and Sevilla, had just gotten here, so it was good to see her. We chatted in her room for a little bit and then came back to my room, which was locked. So I went down to the front desk because at our hotel, every time you leave, you have to leave your key at the front desk. So now I'm just in my room hoping that Kelsey gets back soon. 

Today was a lot of fun though! I love European cities because they have the big feel of any major USA city, but they have such an old feeling to them! All of the buildings are so beautiful and the streets are clean. However, there are people EVERYWHERE that want to get money from you. In were in a huge plaza and i felt like I had just stepped into Disneyland! There were dressed up characters everywhere! They had Spongebob, Patrick (from Spongebob), Dora, Minnie, Mickey, and lots of other random dressed up people. However, they aren't exactly as friendly as the Disney people. If you take a picture of them, they come up and ask you for money! Luckily I didn't take any pictures. 

Tomorrow, we get to go to the Madrid temple! Adelay and I wanted to do baptisms, but Liliana, our leader, said that you probably have to make an appointment so I don't think we are going to be able go. Then, after the temple, we get to wander around for a little bit, and then we go to the Museo del Prado, which I am really excited for!

Well, there's not much more to say, so I think I am just going to read until Kelsey gets back. I'm sorry if this is terribly boring for anyone, but I'm kind of doing this for my own benefit, too :) Oh and I probably won't be able to post this until some time tomorrow, but oh well! Buenas Noches!!

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