Friday, May 20, 2011

May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011

Today was a pretty busy day, it felt like. I had class today and I had my presentation. I just talked about Utah and I had put together a little PowerPoint that had some pictures and stuff. Anyway, she corrected a me a few times and then she would take notes and explain why something is the way it is. For example, in Spanish, they have different words for fish that are living and fish that you eat and I mixed those up so she made a note of it and then explained it after. I know the difference, I just wasn't really thinking about it when I was writing down what I was going to say. Anyway, I was talking about winter and I was saying that Utah is known for it's great powder/snow. But apparently, Spanish doesn't have a word for powder snow and what I said didn't exactly translate directly. So what I said actually translated to Utah is known for practicing sex... Yeah... Not exactly the point I was going for. But whatever. I didn't know any better. The rest of the presentation went well. 

When we got out of class, it was POURING rain! And I had accidentally left my jacket in my classroom and they had already locked it. So Adelay and I got to walk home in the pouring rain! Luckily it was still warm, so it was actually really fun. I love the rain. 

Four lunch, we had the potato and bean soup again with meatballs. 

At four, we met Andrew at the school to work on homework. We got half of our assignment done that's due on Monday so that was good! After, we went to a little arts conference at the school about Goya, who is an artist. His paintings kinda freak me out, but it was interesting. Afterwards, Adelay wanted to go to the market even though it was raining. So I got soaked all over again. I was freezing, but it's okay. 

For dinner we had a variation of paella. It was elbow macaroni instead of rice and chicken instead of seafood. It was delicious! Well, good night! 

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