Friday, May 13, 2011

May 12, 2011

May 12, 2011

Today was a very fun day! First, we had class, which went really well. Once again, we were talking about the difference in cultures from all of our countries. It started off as just differences in our own countries from older generations until now, but then we just switched to contrasting our countries. We started talking about the age that people get married in their country and most people were saying 30 or 35 and when it got to me I said that Utah is quite different than the rest of the country and most people get married around 21 and they were shocked! Its so funny because it's what I have grown up with, but to everyone else, it's crazy! 

After class, Adelay and I came home, ate our lunch of bean and potato soup, chicken, and salad, and then we slept. For a long time. On accident.

At 7, we had another cooking class at the school. This time, she made us a yummy chicken sauce thing that you out on top of sliced baguette and then she did bacon-wrapped dates that where fried in brown sugar in a frying pan. It sounds kinda weird, but they were surprisingly good! 

After, I came back to the apartment to read. We ate dinner around 9:25, and then at 9:40, we left to go meet our group at the market. Fom the market, we walked over to Liliana's apartment (beause she lives alone) to okay games! We played Set and then Scum for a really long time! It brought back memories of playing Scum at Ray's house ALL THE TIME last summer before he left! Anyways, I ended as king, so of course I really enjoyed it ha ha While we were there, Alan told us the funniest story from his mission and I want to remember it so I'm recording it here! Him and his companion were eating dinner at a member's house in Argentina and she served them some soup and then went back into the kitchen. Alan said that soup was so gross that he couldn't even bring himself to eat it. So, he and his companion decided that he would just toss the soup over his shoulder and out the window. So he grabbed the bowl and tossed it behind him, but the window was closed and it splattered all over the window! Just then the lady came back in and told him that if he didn't like it, he just should have said something! Ha ha funny guy! 

Now Adelay and I are just getting ready to go to bed! It's 1 AM so I've got to get to bed! Adios! 

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