Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 22, 2011

May 22, 2011

Today was a really relaxed day, which was wonderful! We went to church in the morning, which went well. They all talk so fast, so it's hard to understand everything, but I'm able to pick out bits and pieces and mostly make sense of it. We sang Oh My Father, God Our Father Hear Us Pray, There is Sunshine in My Soul Today, and Glory, Laud, and Honor. It was wonderful. I hadn't sung Oh, My Father since Jared's grave dedication, so it brought back some memories. It is just as beautiful in Spanish. 

After church, we came home for lunch. We had the AMAZING salad again! I will definitely be making it when I get home. It's so simple, but so good! 

Then we collected our things and headed off to the park! Adelay, Jill, Briana, Kristen, Kelsey and I just laid out in the sun and did homework! It was so wonderful! I love the sun! There were also a big group of Dutch. Oys playing soccer with their shirts off, so that was pleasant, too ha ha just kidding. They weren't even attractive. 

We stayed at the park for about three hours, and then Adelay and I walked to the school to get Internet. The Internet at our house randomly stopped working, so she wanted to email her family. As we were leaving, it started to get cloudy and by the time we got to the school, it was sprinkling! I felt like I was back in Utah's ever-changing weather! 

When we got home, our new students had arrived. The English boys left yesterday, and now we have two thirteen year old French girls. They don't speak. I think the only things I have heard them say are Si, No, and Gracias ha ha 

We stayed home for the rest of the night. I wrote a letter and did some homework and then we had dinner, which was ham and cheese sandwiches. When we finished, there was tons of lightening and thunder outside so we just opened our window and watched and listened. Then we watched Fever Pitch. As I said, it was a really relaxing day. 

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