Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011

Today was pretty much a typical day here in Salamanca. We had breakfast and went to class. Class went really well today! We have a few new students from Holland and Switzerland, so now I'm not the newbie in the class! I feel like I am really beginning to understand the language and I am so glad! We talked in my conversation class about superstitions. It's interesting to hear the superstitions from all of the different countries. I forgot to mention that on Friday, we talked about hand gestures in different countries. We started talking about flipping someone off and our teacher asked if people use it in Los Estados Unidos. I told her that people do and she was like "It means F..., right?" And I told her she was right and then everyone just kept saying it for the next fifteen minutes. I felt a little out of my element ha ha 

Anyways, after class today, we came back to the house. Ana made us bean soup with chicken and a salad. I don't know if I have mentioned it, but here in Spain, they NEVER have a real dressing on a salad. They just have little bottles of olive oil and vinegar and you just drizzle it on your salad. I don't ,ind it at all, it's actually better than I expected, it's just a little different. 

After siesta, we met at the school to go on a tour of the University of Salamanca, which is the second oldest university in Spain. I think it was built some time in the fifteenth century! Sometimes its hard because whenever we go on tours or on excursions, they say EVERYTHING in Spanish, so I only understand some of what they say. 

At seven, we had family night at the church. The missionaries were there and yesterday, I had asked them if they had a Spanish Book of Mormon that I could have, so they gave me un Libro de Mormón! I've already read a chapter out of it and I love it! Anyway, Alan gave us a lesson (all in Spanish) and it was great! We also say For the Beauty of the Earth in Spanish and it was beautiful! Then, we played one round of the What If game for our activity, which was fun! 

We returned back home and Ana started making dinner for us. She made us sandwiches that had sliced up hard boiled eggs, cheese, ham, and lettuce! They were super yummy! 

Now, Adelay and I are going to do some studying and then go to bed early! Buenas noches! 

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