Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

Today was a really fun day! We went to school, which went well! I feel like I'm getting a lot better! After lunch, we had siesta. Normally, people sleep during siesta, but because I'm so obsessed with reading, I only sleep if I can't stay awake! So anyways, I read all through siesta and finished my third book in 2 weeks. So that's a good accomplishment right? 

At 7, we had FHE at the church. We were supposed to have a short discussion about testimonies and then have time to bear our testimonies. But things didn't quite go as planned. There is one boy in our group that was a member as a child, but when he was 14, he left the church and got into drugs and alcohol and stuff. So anyway, I showed up to Family Night and I'm thinking, "Good for him!" So then Liliana started the lesson, after a song (Redeemer of Israel) and a prayer, and asked what a testimony is. A few of us gave answers and then Jens, the boy, asked a simple question. After that, we went into a huge discussion about all of his problems with the church. It kind of reminded me of coming in contact with the people on Heritage Tours that would just try and try to prove you wrong! We ended up discussing for an hour and a half and we didn't even get to bear our testimonies :( Maybe next week. 

This whole time, we were in a classroom connected to the chapel with the door open. Some of the people in our group had left there bags and purses out in the chapel, but because we left the door open, we didn't think anything of it. Well when we got done, we came out and Andrew's backpack was gone! So now two people have gotten robbed! I refuse to be next! Luckily, Andrew didn't have anything too valuable in his backpack, so that's good. I lent home my backpack, because I have been using my shoulder bag, and some headphones because I had extra. Don't worry mom, I will get them both back when he leaves in a week and a half :)

We came back to the apartment and had eggs and bacon for dinner. It was fine. Every Monday, our school has a dance at a club here in Salamanca. Some of the people in our group went the first night we were in Salamanca, but because Adelay was too tired that night, I didn't go. But last night, we decided to go. I had promised Abby that I would hit up a European dance party, and it was nuts! Luckily, it was just our school, so there wasn't too many old people there. However, the drinking age in Europe is much younger, so people were drinking. Anyways, they were playing some Chris Brown and Enrique along with some other Spanish music, and I was just dancing my heart out. I'm not going to lie, people probably thought I was drunk, but who cares! Ha ha a boy in my class came over to talk to me and was just laughing! It was sweet! Ha ha so that was fun! I even whipped out the birthday dance just for Abby! 

Afterwards, Andrew and Devin walked us back to our apartment. Overall, it was a fun day, but I am very tired! Buenas noches! 

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