Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24, 2011

May 24, 2011

Today was such a fun day! The first half eas pretty average. Breakfast and school were just normal. Then we came home and had rice and tortilla for lunch. Then we had siesta. I wrote another letter, did some homework, and took a little nap. Then, at 5, I met up with Kelsey and we went shopping. I got a few things that I have been wanting to get like these darling earrings that are the symbol of Salamanca. And then i got some souvenirs! It was a wonderfully successful shopping day! 

After shopping, I came back home and did some more homework. At 9:15, we had a dinner of pizza, fries, and salad. When our English boys were here, they always sprinkled vinegar on their fries, so I decided to try it tonight. It is so good! Much better than I expected it to be!! 

At 9:30, we left to go meet up with Devin and Andrew. Because they weren't there on time, I ran to Kelsey and Briana's apartment to see if they wanted to come with us. So they came with me back to meet up with the boys. Then we walked over to this huge plaza. I don't know if it's a holiday or something, but it was like a carnival in this plaza! They had a merry-go-round, food, big blow up slides, a big stage with live music, and a roped off section with lots of fireworks. So we listened to the music, and then they said the fireworks were going to start. So we sat down abou 15 feet from where all of the fireworks were, not thinking anything of it. The fireworks started and easily lasted 20 minutes without stopping, if not 25. The fireworks were directly over our heads and we had ash raining down on us the whole time! They were so loud, so bright, and so close! I took lots of videos! I didn't realize, but they had this rope strung along the railing of the blocked off fireworks section. Well at the very end, the lit it on fire and it was like a million firecrackers!! And we were so close to them! I was so terrified!! It was so much fun though! Definitely one of the best fireworks shows I have ever seen, if not the best! 

Then Andrew and Devin walked us home! Now I need to go to bed because it's after 1 AM!

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