Friday, May 20, 2011

May 19, 2011

May 19, 2011

Today was another really busy day! I had class in the morning and Briana, a girl from my group transferred into my class, so I'm not alone anymore! So class went well. Once again, we got off on really random tangents, but that's just the way our conversation class goes. 

After class, while I waited for Adelay to get out of her medical class, Andrew and I watched lots of movie trailers of movies that are coming out this summer and there are sooooo many that I want to see! Oh and HP2 has a new trailer has a new trailer that looks unbelievable! I can't wait for that! 

For lunch, we had lentil soup with tortilla EspaƱola. After lunch, I tried to take a nap because I have had a terrible headache, but I couldn't fall asleep. 

So at 3:30, we met a few people at the school to go play basketball. I didn't end up playing because it was in a shaded area and it was a lot cooler in the shade. So Briana, Kelsey, and I just chatted in the park by the basketball court. Then we went wandering around some shops, but my head was killing me, so I came home. I tried to fall asleep again to see if it would help me headache, but I laid there for 45 minutes and never fell asleep! It was so frustrating! 

While I was sleeping, or at least trying to, Jens, the boy in our group that lives on the floor below us that isn't a member of the church, came up to our apartment and asked if he could borrow 5 Euro to go buy some allergy medicine. Adelay told him that she only has 5 Euro left, which is true, and that I was sleeping. So she told me when she came back into the bedroom and I thought it was a little strange. So around 6:45, we were leaving to go to our cooking class and we stopped by and knocked on the door and I gave him a couple allergy pills but no money because I know that he wasn't actually going to use it to buy medicine. I could tell that he was a little taken aback. So I asked some people in our group about it and apparently he has been asking everyone for money. He burned though all of his money in three weeks buying drugs and alcohol! It's so sad that it can just ruin people so quickly! 

Anyways, as mentioned, we had our cooking class at seven. It wasn't great, but whatever. After, we all kinda just wandered around the city and then we all went our separate ways for dinner. For dinner, we had ham and cheese sandwiches. 

At 9:50, we left to go meet our group to go play games in the park. We actually never really played a game,  but we all just talked and laughed together so it was fun. 

2 things that I realized today: I have been gone for three weeks, so this is now the longest I have ever been away from home! Secondly, my group was talking today and we found out that the movie Vantage Point takes place and was filmed here in Salamanca! I haven't seen it, but we watched the trailer, and it's totally where I am right now! So crazy! 

Well I gotta get to bed! My head is still hurting, I'm starting to get a sore throat, and it's almost 1:30 AM! I NEED SLEEP!! Good night! 

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