Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 20, 2011

May 20, 2011

Today was a really fun day! I still have a sore throat, but it's okay. I had class in the morning, which went well. For lunch, we had the weird salad (olives, potatoes, corn, onion, and mayo) and some grilled chicken. For siesta, I took a nap because I was so tired! We had a tour of a cathedral here at 4, but I didn't wake up until five! At 5:30, we had planned to meet up to go play tennis. So Adelay and I walked down the the school and only Jill was there. She said that she didn't go on the tour either, and the group that went hadn't come back yet. Since it was a hot day, we decided to just sit outside in the sun and wait for them. Well after an hour, we decided that maybe we should just leave. So we left and walked over to the market. I bought a darling shirt and a couple things for my mom. We also ran into the missionaries, which is always fun. 

Then, we returned home for dinner. We had Cream of Vegetable soup and pizza. It was really good. At 10, we left to go meet up with our group. Irina, a German girl in my class, invited me to meet her at a bar because her friend was singing, so we were all going to go find her. However, we couldn't find the place, so we ended up just wandering around and going down to the river. It was fun, but I am so tired! We didn't get back until one and we have to get up at six! Good night!  

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