Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011 - 12:15 AM (Technically it's May 3rd, but this is about May 2nd)

Today was a very VERY busy day! We woke up and got ready, bug I fried my blow dryer which I very unfortunate, so I will have to go buy one tomorrow ha ha then we had breakfast with Ana. Breakfast was toast with Nutella or jam. Then we went to our first day of school! It was kind of overwhelming! I can understand most of what my teachers were saying, but when it came time to answer questions, it didn't go so well. I understand fine, but forming sentences proves to be quite challenging for me. I am excited though because I am going to take a cooking class this Thursday! What a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday! I am also going to take a one week Salsa dancing class next week, and then I am thinking about taking a Spanish guitar class! So school will be fun, it will just be a challenge. But it's a good challenge. For my ElEd friends, I am working in my ZPD :) 

We got to take a tour around Salamanca today and I fell even more in love with this city! It is know as Spain's university city and a quarter of the population is college students. 

For lunch we had ensalada, pollo, supa con frijoles y patatas, y pan. It was very good! For dinner, we had tortilla espanola and spaghetti. I told Ana on yesterday that I like strawberries (fresas), so after every meal, she gives us some fresas with whipped cream on top. 

Well it's 12:20 and I have school in the morning so I must get to bed! Adios! 

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