Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011

Today was another good day. It was one of those days where I feel like I understood the majority of the my class and I was able to explain things better! In my grammar class, we played the game where we all wrote down a famous person and then we switched them all around. Then, using ser and estar, we had to ask questions to find out who we were. I got Shakira the first time and Selena Gomez the second time. It was a fun game to play. 

After class, I worked on my presentation that I have tomorrow. I am doing a presentation on Utah and it's a huge part of my grade, so I hope I do well! 

For lunch, we had the yummy rice with tomato sauce and chicken and salad. During siesta, I worked on my presentation some more. 

At four, we were supposed to have a salsa class, so Adelay and I walked down to the school. However, there were already about twenty people there for their first time, and because we had already had one class, we decided not to go. So I worked on my presentation at the school for an hour. 

Afterwards, a few of us walked around and went into a few shops. Then we all shared some churros con chocolate, which was absolutely wonderful! We walked around a little while longer and then came back. We had pizza and French fries for dinner. Now, Adelay and I are going to watch a movie! Ciao! 

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