Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 3, 2011

May 3, 2011

Today was quite a day! I came to class and I felt better about it today than yesterday. I feel like I understood better and I am beginning to feel more confident with my speech. The first class we go to begins at 9:30 and it is a grammar class. Then we have a conversation class at 11:15. Oh and let me explain something, our university is VERY different than I expected it to be. I was expecting s decently-sized school with a little campus around it. But that's not what it is. Our school is very small. It is in between two shoe stores and the width of it, on the first floor, is just as wide as the front doors. But it has four levels, and the upper three levels have a little bit more space than the first floor. During our conversation class today, they brought in chocolate con churros, which is basically what we know as churros without the sugar and cinnamon, and hot chocolate. You just dip your churro in the chocolate and eat it! I really liked it! 

After class, we came home for lunch. As I mentioned before, I didn't tell Ana that I don't like seafood. Well, much to my dismay, she had made fish for lunch. Luckily, she had made lots of other stuff to go with it. But I didn't want to offend Ana, so I ate about half of my fish. It wasn't super disgusting, but I still dislike the taste. 

After lunch, we went back to the school for our first salsa dancing class! It was lots of fun, but the teacher went really slow. He started us off by just teaching a single step, then after a while, we would to it front to back instead of side to side. Then we added arms. And that was about it! So in an hour, we learned one step, which is kind of unfortunate. But we get to take the class ever Tuesday, so hopefully we will be able to learn more!

After salsa, we went shopping! But first, we went to Plaza Mayor and got some of the yummiest ice cream I have ever had! Then we went wandering in and out of shops! It was lots of fun! They have so many cute stores here! I've noticed, though, that they have tons and tons of shie stores and lots of baby/maternity stores. Kinda strange... Anyway, I bought a darling scarf, some Ray Ban sunglasses, a blowdryer (because my one from home fried), some yummy crackers that I had in Italy, and some postcards. I was quite proud of my purchases! 

We came back with just enough time to eat dinner, which was fried pork and French fries. It was yummy. Then, we went to a bar :) ha ha Real Madrid was playing Barcelona in futbol and we wanted to watch the game, so here in Spain, really the only place to watch a futbol game is in a bar. So we watched the game and talked and stuff. Barcelona one and everyone seemed pretty excited about it. 

Overall, it was a great day! Buenas noches!

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