Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 7, 2011

June 7, 2011

Today has been a fun day! We woke up and went to class. We talked about movies in my conversation class, so that was fun. I'm always surprised at how well American movies are known all over the world!! And our teacher speaks English pretty well so he was looking up songs from movies and singing them like "You're the One that I Want" from Grease and "I've Had the Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing and he was just singing along and dancing! Ha ha 

Then we came home for lunch. Mercedes had both of her daughters here, so we were able to talk to them during lunch. It was fun. 

For siesta, I did homework, read a little bit, and took a nap. 

At 4:30, we had a Sevillanas class at the school. The teacher was really nice, but because we had taken two Sevillanas classes in Salamanca, it was kind of repetitive. It was fun, though. 

Afterwards, we went to a Chino/Bazar/really cheap convenience store. I got some snacks and some BiFruta drinks. The drinks are super popular here so I have been wanting to try them. It's milk and juice, which sounds gross, but I've heard that they are good, so we will see! Then we went into some clothing stores, but I'm trying to save my money so I didn't get anything. 

On my way back home, I passed a book store and I couldn't resist the urge to go in! It had four levels and lots of books. Even though they were mostly all Spanish, I spent 45 minutes in the store! I don't know what my deal is with bookstores but I totally lose track of time when I go in! 

I came home and had dinner with Adelay. We had tortilla EspaƱola, which was good. While we were eating, we watched the news. Apparently there has been a ton of flooding up in Barcelona. Hopefully it clears up in the next month! There has also been, for the past week or so, stories about E-Coli. There was a breakout in Germany (Alemania) and it has spread all over Europe! Crazy, right? I think there has been eleven deaths or something! They think it's coming from the cucumbers (pepinos). Who knows. 

At 10:30, we met up in the plaza and just chatted until 12:15 and then I came home! But it's late! Good night! 

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