Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 5, 2011

June 5, 2011 

Today was a relaxed day. We woke up and met at the bus station at 9:00. The bus came at 9:05 so we were to the church by 9:20. Thus, we had forty minutes to spare. Better early than late, though! So we talked and I wrote some letters. The ward went in reverse so we had relief society first. There were more people in relief society than we had in the whole ward in Salamanca! So that was nice! Then we went to Sunday school and then Sacrament meeting. The most beautiful little girl sat in front of us. She kept turning around and looking at as, so needless to say, I was a little distracted. But the meeting was wonderful. It was fast Sunday so we got to hear testimonies from a lot of people. I love that wherever you go in the world and whatever language is being spoken, the spirit can still be felt. The church is true! They also used a tablecloth and a little flower arrangement in relief society, so apparently that is universal too ha ha! 

After church, we made the long walk home. When we got home, Neeru, the girl from London that lived with us, was just getting ready to leave. She is done studying so now she is going to do some more touring around Europe. So we helped her down the stairs with her bags and said goodbye. She was so nice to have around and so friendly. 

We had lunch with Mercedes, and then I just did some reading and writing during siesta. 

At 4, I met up with the group. And by the group I mean Kristin and Briana because they were the only ones that showed up. Anyway, we played cards in the plaza for a while, but then we started to get bored. So we decided to go sit outside Alan and Daniel's apartment and see if we could get their attention. So we sat on the curb across from there apartment and would just quietly call their names every once in a while. Eventually, Alan opened his window (on the 3rd floor) because he said he heard Briana laughing. So then they came down and we decided to go up the the roof of my apartment and play cards! So we were playing Phase 10 for quite some time when the wind picked up. And blew the door closed. The door locks from the inside, so we were trapped. Luckily, there is a little room thing in our house that is just open all the way to the roof. So after a little while I heard clanking, so I ran over, got Mercedes' attention, and asked her if she could come open the door for us. So she did and then we just finished up our game. 

So then we ate dinner and we just got ready for bed! So like I said, it was a pretty relaxing day. Ciao! 

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