Friday, June 24, 2011

July 23, 2011

June 23, 2011

Today was a fun day! Because it was Corpus Cristi, a Catholic holiday in Sevilla, we didn't have school. So, Liliana decided we would go to Ronda for the day. We met up in Plaza Nueva at 9 and then started walking to the bus station. They were having a HUGE procession for Corpus so we had to navigate through tons of people. Good thing the halls of LP taught me well. The procession was in front of the cathedral and they had chairs lining either side like a parade. The ground was covered in some green plant, it looked like rosemary or pine needles. Then the people participating were all in suits or dresses carrying candles. Some of the boys were good looking, but they aren't Mormon boys ha ha 

We made it to the bus station just in time and board our bus. The ride there was an adventure. The road was super windy and bumpy. A few of us started to feel car sick, including me :( But we made it safely! 

Ronda is a beautiful city! It had this crazy bridge that was soooo tall! Ronda is also one of the cities that has a ton of the little white houses on the hillside. It was beautiful! We made a big circle around the city and it was gorgeous! Ronda is an outcrop of land so on three sides, it's sheer cliffs for hundreds of feet! It's kinda scary! 

Our bus to come home left at 6. The bus was crowded so Kristen and I had to sit in the very back, which was actually really nice. I started reading and I got tired, so I just put my head in the corner and fell asleep for an hour! It felt so good! When I woke up, we only had about ten minutes left! 

When we got back, Mercedes had made us dinner and put it in the fridge. Her grandson was having a birthday so she wasn't here. So we ate and then I finished my paper. I got all ready for bed and studied and now it's after midnight and I'm not even tired because of my nap! But I will just read until I fall asleep! I leave Sevilla in a day and a half and I can't believe it! Then I get to see my family in 3 and a half and I will be home in 11 days!! Crazy stuff! Ciao!

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