Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011

Today was another good day. Class went well. I really like both of my teachers. I have a woman for grammar and a man for conversation. Both are really helpful and nice. Angie fell asleep for the second time. She is a little strange, but she is really nice. In my conversation class, we talked about music. It was a fun class. I got some good artists to look up when I get home! 

For lunch, we ate two different soups. One was blended tomatoes and cream and the other was just a broth with potatoes. Both were good. 

For siesta, I read for a while in my book which is wonderful! I actually finished it tonight! I absolutely loved it!! Then I fell asleep for a little bit. 

After siesta, we met at the school and walked to the Flamenco Museum. I LOVED it! When we first got there, a woman named Judy Fulton talked to us for a while about bull fighting. I really enjoyed it because it made it so I wasn't quite as opposed to bull fighting as I was. She is actually from the states, but her husband, John Fulton, is the only American matador to ever fight in Sevilla, so she lives here now. She explained the history of bull fighting and the significance of parts of it. It was very interesting. Then we got to walk through the rest of the museum and see videos of the different types of flamenco, dresses, and read some history about it. Then, at the end, we got to watch a flamenco show! It was really fun! 

Afterwards, Adelay and I walked back for dinner. She had prepared fish. I had told her when I first arrived that I didn't like fish, but she said that until I tried her fish, I couldn't say that I don't like fish. Then, if I didn't like it, then she wouldn't make it anymore. Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad! It didn't have much of a fishy flavor and it was really flaky. I asked her what kind of fish it was, but I didn't really understand what she said. 

After dinner, I went to meet up with some people from our group in the plaza. It's a good thing I live so close because Adelay flakes out on going every night. But when I got there, only Briana was there and after a little while, Kristin showed up. The three of us just talked for about an hour and then I was just getting up to go home when Alan and Daniel showed up. So we ended up staying for a while longer and I didn't get home until after midnight! While we were in plaza, there was a group of people roller blading all over and doin tricks. It was fun to watch. A lot of people roller blade here! Instead of walking or riding a bike, they roller blade! They are also super crazy about keeping the city clean. There are cleaning trucks everywhere that suck up trash and then spray and scrub. It's nice, but they do it all time!

Well it's late! Good night!

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