Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

Today was a very busy day! I had class inn the morning, of course, which went well. I got a new grammar teacher and she's really nice. I really liked Elena, but my new teacher, Mercedes, is good as well. 

We came home for lunch and Mercedes' daughter and grandson were here for lunch. Juan, her grandson, is seven years old and he has a broken leg. He was so talkative and so cute! 

After lunch, I did my homework, and then I went to the school to Skype with my mom for an hour. It was so good to see and talk to her and Jill. Just three more weeks until they are here with me! I can't wait! 

At 5, I met up with the group in the plaza. Megan has been wanting to get a crepe, so we went off in search of cheap crepes. We found this place that she wanted to try, but they also had gofres. I had heard that gofres are delicious, so I thought I would try it. Gofre is basically a waffle that has Nutella (or just melted chocolate) on top with whipped cream, but I got a scoop of gelato on top. It was HEAVENLY!! 

Afterwards, we met up at the school with lots of other kids from the school for a pasear, which is basically just a walk around the city. There is a boy at our school that is being filmed for some reality tv show/documentary on students studying abroad in Spain, so we had a camera person following us around on the walk. Alex, the boy there are filming, is twenty and he is from Brazil. And really good looking. So towards the end of the tour, Briana was joking around saying that we should ask to take a picture with him and then both kiss him on the cheek. We were just laughing and then she turned around and just said "Hey we were wondering if we could get a picture with you?" he was totally cool with it, but we couldn't get up the courage to kiss him. We were pretty disappointed in ourselves. Anyways, at the end of the door, we stopped at a bar because we had little coupons for free drinks. So we were just sipping on our Fanta, talking about how we were disappointed in ourselves, and Briana stands up and walks over to Alex and says, "So we actually wanted a picture of us kissing you on the cheek so can we take another one?" He just started laughing and said, "Yeah, of course!" So we did!!! It was hilarious! So now I have kissed a boy in Spain, just like I told my mom I would! Angie's face when she saw us do it was absolutely priceless! She started apologizing to Alex for us! Ha ha

Anyway... On the way home, we went into a few shops to look around. Then we got lost. Eventually, we found our way home. We had a hamburger and fries for dinner. 

Now I'm tired and ready for bed because I did NOT sleep well last night! Buenas noches! 

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