Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011

Today was another good day. I went to class, which was good. I'm nervousnfor my test on Friday, but hopefully I will do well. 

After class, I was walking home and I passed this family and I glands over and saw that they had their Rick Steves book out and I heard them speaking English. As I passed, I was just laughing to myself because I know that is exactly what my family looks like when we travel. Well after about ten seconds, I felt like I should turn around and help them. I went back and told them that I heard them speaking English and I was willing to help them if I could. They told me that they had no idea where they were and that they were looking for the cathedral. I showed them where we were on a map and then I directed them how to get to the cathedral. I'm so glad I turned around because I felt so good to really help someone! 

I had lunch with Adelay and Mercedes and we had my favorite rice! After we finished eating, I asked Mercedes how to make a few of the dishes that she has mad for us. It's hard because she doesn't use recipes, she just remembers how to make things. So she basically just told me ingredients. We will have to see how that goes when I get home :) 

Then I read for a little while. I finished the second book in the series I am reading. It was the book that I paused reading 5 days ago because I realized I was reading the second book without reading the first. It turns out that I really only had about 30 pages left in the second book when I paused. 

At 5, we met up at the Bellas Artes Museo de Arte. They had some beautiful paintings as well as some very strange paintings. It was fun though. 

Afterwards, we went and got some ice cream and then just talked for a little while. When I got home, I did a little homework, and then Mercedes came in and said we could come watch her make dinner. So we watched her make soup. Then we ate and it was great. 

After dinner, I continued to write my 3-5 page paper. I think I have enough right now, but I'm not sure because it's on my iPad right now, not in a word document. Liliana called a while ago and told me that we are going to Ronda tomorrow, so that will be cool to see. I'm excited. We don't have school because Sevilla has another holiday: Corpus Cristi. 

Well I have to get up early and it's past midnight! Adios! 

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