Friday, June 3, 2011

June 1, 2011

June 1, 2011

Today has been pretty average. We got up in the morning and went to class, which went well. I feel like I can understand and speak a lot better so that's good! I'm not where I hope to be yet, but I'm getting there! 

After class, we came back for lunch. Lunch was amazing! Mercedes made us a paella-like dish. It was rice with a brownish-yellowish sauce and it had chicken, peas, and artichoke hearts in it! It was wonderful! 

After lunch, I read all through siesta, once again. I'm currently reading The Book Thief and it is amazing! I only have a little bit left so I should be able to finish it tomorrow. I would suggest it to anyone! It's about a girl that is living with a foster family in Nazi Germany and it is told from the point of view of death. It's super interesting. I love it! 

At 4:45, we met at the school for a cooking class. Not everyone was there yet so I checked my email and I had the coolest experience! I had an email from my mom and attached was a letter from Matt that I had received. Now for the past few days, I have been feeling really homesick. So I'm reading the letter and Matt asks me how Spain is and what the family I am staying with is like. Then he just says, "If you are homesick in any way, which I hope you don't have that feeling, but just in case you are, just know that God loves you and will comfort you." I honestly just started crying. I have no doubt that God loves me, but it is just so amazing to me that my best friend, half way around the world, can know how I'm feeling and comfort me with exactly what I need to hear. I know that missionaries are inspired to bless the lives of those that don't have the gospel along with those that do. I know this was random, but I want to remember it. 

Anyway, we had our cooking class and we made tortilla de patatas or tortilla Española. It was very good! Unlike the cooking classes at Mester, we actually got to learn how to cook it and help cook it! It was a lot of fun! 

Afterwards, we just went wandering down the streets and in and out of shots. Everything here is a lot more expensive than Salamanca. And they don't even have my favorite grocery store, El Árbol. I'm a little bitter. However, I have been wanting to mention some of the fashion trends I have seen here! I have noticed a lot of people wearing green skinny jeans. Also, a ton of people where slightly opaque tights with shorts. There's also these pants that are honestly like MC Hammer pants with the really short inseam and elastics around the ankles. They are super popular and super weird looking. 

Then we came home for dinner. She made us these fried ham and cheese things and French fries. I didn't even finish all of my food. 

At 10:30, I left to go meet up with some people in the Plaza Nueva. Unfortunately, the streets here arenas as active at night as they were in Salamanca, which took me by surprise. Anyway, Alan, Briana, Daniel and I played some card games and talked until I left and came home. It's so nice living so close to the school and the plaza! 

It is really late and I need to get some sleep! Adios! 

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