Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

Today has been a pretty slow day. I got a 7 on my test that I took on Friday, which is a notable/above average grade. So I am satisfied. 

We had lunch with Mercedes and then I went up to the roof to lay out. It was sooo hot!! I checked the weather today and it is supposed to be high 90s here all week! I could only stand staying out for an hour because I was dying of heat! I came in and took a cold shower and it felt so good!

At 5:15, we met up and went to see the Torre del Oro, or the Tower of Gold, which is a very old landmark in Sevilla. It has had various uses throughout the years, but it's cupola is gold, which gives it its name. 

After, I gave a little thought to the group for FHE. I used excerpts from Russell M. Nelson's and Boyd K. Packer's talks. Then we had a little discussion. It was nice. Then we went to go get ice cream as a group, so that was fun as well. 

I went to the school for a little while to do some emailing and then I came home to do homework. 

I ate dinner with Mercedes because Adelay was late getting home. She came home crying and said that she had to take a test for nursing school online that takes three hours and she has to have it done by tomorrow morning but the school closed so she didn't have Internet. Mercedes went upstairs and asked her neighbors if she could get the password for their Internet and so now we have Internet in our apartment! It's great! 

So now I have just been doing homework while chatting with my mom. But it is now 1 AM and I need to get to bed! Good night! 

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