Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4, 2011

June 4, 2011

Today has been fun, but long. We got up and met for our excursion at 9. We rode on the bus for an hour and forty five minutes to Córdoba. Córdoba is an absolutely gorgeous city, but it was so hot!! We started by just walking around the city and seeing a few sites. We went into a Jewish Synagogue which was cool. Then we walked through el Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos. It was a big building with towers and stuff but what was amazing was the gardens. They were huge and beautiful! 

Then we had lunch. We just sat on the side of the road in the shade. Because Córdoba is such a tourist city, there are beggars everywhere! And it's not like they just sit there with their hand out and mumble at you, they follow you around and they don't leave you alone! A woman came up to us today asking for money and she was just holding her child in her arms and breastfeeding her! The child looked like she was at least 3! There were also some that will go around trying to give you these little plants that look like rosemary, and then if you take it, they make you pay. Or they will try and read your palm and then make you pay. Crazy stuff. 

So after lunch and some ice cream, we went into the Mesquita. It was beautiful! It is a cathedral, but it has a ton of Arabic influence. It was MASSIVE and so gorgeous! It got me all the more excited to see the Alhambra next weekend in Grenada. 

After the Mesquita, we met up to come home. Jens was no where to be found so we just started walking to the bus, hoping that he would catch up. However, he never did. We all loaded the bus and we just left him! So hopefully he has some money to buy a train or a bus ticket back here. 

So we got back and Adelay and I went back for dinner which was green beans, potatoes, and then the little fried mashed potatoes things. 

Now, I'm sitting outside the school so I can get internet! But it's late and I need to get home! Good night! Oh and Happy birthday Perry! 

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