Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

Today... MY FAMILY ARRIVED!! They had said that they would try to be there by ten so I woke up at 8 so that I could be ready when they got there. So we went to breakfast and then we had to move all of our things to Liliana's room so that we could check out of our rooms. I had already packed up my bags, so I just waited for everyone to pack up their bags. And I was just waiting...

At 12:30, my family finally arrived!! I ran out to the car and hugged my dad through the window because I was soooo anxious! I was so excited I started to cry! I just couldn't help it! So we went to the beach so that I could say goodbye and my family could meet everyone. It was sad to say goodbye, but I was just so happy that my family had finally come that it masked it. We went and collected all of my bags from Liliana's room and then headed out. 

We drove for a few hours and arrived in Sevilla. I felt like I was back home!! I showed my family where my apartment was and where I went to school, where I ran into Marina from my class, and then we went to go see the cathedral. Unfortunately, there was some sort of church service going on so the cathedral was closed! I felt bad for the fam because I had seen it before but besides my dad, no one else had. So instead, we went to the Real Alcazar. The Alcazar has been one of my favorite things that I have seen in the two months I have been here so I didn't mind seeing it again. 

Afterwards, my dad got the girls a carriage that took us on a little loop around Sevilla. It was so fun! 

Once we got back, we started walking to the Plaza de EspaƱa. On the way there, I ran into Rosa from my class! Once we got to the plaza, we wandered around for a while and then we wandered through a little neighborhood by the plaza. We ate dinner at a little restaurant where we just got lots of tapas and shared. 

After some ice cream, we started driving home. Everyone was so tired and I got nominated to keep dad awake while we drove back. I was soooo tired and it was so hard to stay awake! When we were about thirty minutes from home, mom and DJ woke up so I fell asleep. 

Now it's about three AM and I'm tired! Good night! 

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