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June 30, 2011

June 30, 2011

Today was a really slow day. First, we stopped at a supermarket to get some snacks and food so we don't have to buy every meal. I introduced my family to some of the foods that I have been eating for two months so that was fun. 

Then we planned on driving to Tarifa to buy tickets and then go to the beach. But when we were half way there we remembered that we had forgotten our passports, so we had to turn around and get our passports. Then, we drove to Tarifa to buy our tickets for Morocco tomorrow. I'm soooo excited for Morocco! We got our tickets for the ferry that leaves at 10, so it's going to be an early day tomorrow. 

Because it was already so late, we decided not to go to Morocco and go to Gibraltar instead. So, technically, I was in the United Kingdom today because Gibraltar is owned by the UK. So we got there and power-walked to the cable car station because we were afraid that it was going to close. Gibraltar is a little jut of land off of Spain and it is a little town surrounded by this tall mountain that is just straight up, called the Rock of Gibraltar. So we walked for forever and finally made it to the cable car station and got a cable car up to the top. The reason we wanted to go up was because they have monkeys up there. So here I am, thinking that it's going to be like Bear Park in Montana where you have to search to find what you're looking for. But oh no! There were monkeys EVERYWHERE! We were just wandering around and taking pictures and I actually got to pet a couple! There were a couple tiny babies with there moms and the babies were so cute! They were so small and just had black hair all over! You couldn't get too close though or else the parents would start making sounds at you. Whit was sitting next to one and it started playing with her camera case. Then it tried to steal it so she grabbed it and it was like they were playing tug-o-war! Then another monkey came up behind her and pulled her hair!  Then, my dad was bending down by one to have my take a picture of him with the monkey and then it jumped onto his back and started unzipping his backpack! They warned us that they were good pickpockets, but I had no idea! Ha ha then Whit and I were taking picture of a mom and dad and a little baby and Spence was walking towards us. Whit got a little too close to the baby and the parents started making noises at her and then all of the sudden, a monkey swings out of the tree, runs up, and slaps and pinches Spence's leg!! It was hilarious! Then, just as we were about to leave, Whit and I were sitting on the little wall/bench and this monkey came up behind us and it just jumped up on my shoulder! I was so surprised! Then it started going through my hair, like they do to each other, looking for bugs! Luckily, the monkey didn't find any, so he hopped off my shoulder, onto Whit's head, and then into the tree! It was soooo cool! Then we took the cable car back down and got in the car. 

My dad had made reservations for a Flamenco show so we went out in search of the theater. We couldn't find it so we just ended up eating at a restaurant and then driving home!

It was such a fun day! It started off super slow but the monkeys made it all worth it! 

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