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June 29, 2011

June 29, 2011

Today was another great day! We woke up relatively early and headed out for Granada. We got there in the morning and we just wandered around some shops and went to the fruit market. For lunch, we went to the same kebab place that I went when I was in Granada 2 and a half weeks. It was great. We wandered around some more shops and then took a bus ride up to the Alhambra. My family toured the Alhambra and they loved it. It was fun to see it again. We used our handy Rick Steves' book to learn more about it so it was really interesting. 

Afterwards, we got our car, which we had parked up by the Alhambra. We moved it down towards the center of town. Then we got out and went to dinner. I directed us to the another one of the restaurants that I ate at when I was there last. It was fabulous. 

Then we hurried up to the Plaza of St. Nicholas to see the Puesta del Sol, when the sunset casts an orange glow on the Alhambra. We got lemon-mint slushies and ice cream and watched the sunset. It was cool, but not as cool as I expected it to be. It was kind of hazy. But we did get to see it all lit up at night, so that was cool. 

After we got down to the car, we set out to find the missionaries' apartment. The Petersons had given my mom a package to deliver to Craig while we were in Granada. So we found the apartment and got to talk to him for a while. It was fun to see him! It kinda made it more real to me. I imagine my friends on missions, but when I actually see someone that I went to school with out in the field with his his shirt, tie, and tag on, it all becomes so much more real. Once again, I am reminded of just how grateful I am that my friends are serving missions. 

I slept the whole way home because I was exhausted!! Well, ciao!

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